How to use the PSS Configurator

Use the PROTEUS PSS Configurator to inspire your planning and design of PSS solutions. Click on a product/service offering to uncover a number of recommended, possible and necessary other offerings and click on multiple offerings to configure a more complex PSS concept. The pie-chart view shows you where in the User Activity Cycle your currently configured PSS is represented. The report view allows you to give a name to your configuration and send a link to yourself, so that you can always return to your configuration and continue working. There are no limits to the amount of configurations you can make or reports you may send to yourself.

What to use the PSS Configurator for

You can use the PSS Configurator to map the offerings you currently have in your company and see how many possible solutions actually fit to your situation. Alternatively, use it in a design exercise, to create and discuss new PSS configurations that your company could consider providing. Finally, have fun, try-out and be inspired – the tool can’t be broken!

How the PSS Configurator works

The configurator is built by mapping the affinities between the approximately 60 product/service offerings we identified in the PROTEUS companies. That’s over 3.000 affinities, where we have given a value to every single relationship, according to the type and strength of affinity of each offering pair under consideration.

Can the PSS Configurator be trusted?

The tool is a prototype, acting as a demonstrator of the type of active design support mechanism that we’d like to continue developing for PSS. We’re very confident of all offerings relationships, as these build on our empirical insights from the four-year PROTEUS project. Ideally we’d like the tool to start with a wide range of configuration possibilities and then narrow the choice as you click, depending on each new element in the chain of offerings that you select. To do this, we’d need to spend much more time on creating, testing and applying a more complex affinity algorithm, which we have not had the time to do during the PROTEUS project. There are also a number of exciting functionalities we’d like to build in to the PSS Configurator to build much more flexibility into the tool, but these will also need more time. We’ll apply for funding to do this work.

Until then, you can use the PSS Configurator as a conceptualisation tool and as a novel way to build PSS solutions.

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Thanks to for the great support in conceptualising and building this tool!
22 AUGUST 2019