Innovation opportunity

The Danish shipbuilding industry has traditionally focused on delivering products to its customers, based on the longevity and high technical/functional qualities of their physical artefacts. But as with most established industries, the continuing market globalisation in the shipbuilding industry both opens opportunities, in terms of a rising number of potential customers and represents threats, due to the growing number of competitors worldwide.

Maritime component manufacturers are experiencing a growing demand from customers with respect to after-sales service. In this context a great business opportunity has been identified in becoming more systematic about the integrated product/service development activities of the company.


The PROTEUS vision was to develop new knowledge about how after-sales service can be effectively integrated into product- and business development in industrial organisations, so as to become a source of revenue, rather than a cost to the providing company.


The PROTEUS mission was to identify methods and tools for companies in the maritime sector that enable new product/service based solutions and business models to be established, based on alliances with their customers and each other. Furthermore it was the mission to help companies understand the organisational requirements to achieve new business activities, based on product and service engineering - so-called servitisation

Focus Areas

Product/Service-System (PSS) capability was the overall focus of PROTEUS. The PROTEUS participants were interested in understanding, through examples, how to effectively and systematically integrate service development into the product development and business creation processes. The following aspects were particular focus areas in the project:

  • To understand the basic conditions in the maritime branch, for delivering PSS solutions
  • To create deep cases from other industry branches, to show how similar companies have servitised
  • To understand the individual companies' readiness to servitise
  • To create a framework for PSS development and equip this framework with a toolbox of PSS methods
  • To understand the organisational challenges and necessary activities to aid the servitisation process
  • To explore how partnerships - both producer-to-customer and producer-to-producer can strengthen PSS concepts
  • To create and try out PSS business models in the maritime branch.

Companies' motivations

Strengthen competitive edge

“We have 20,000 of our
products on the market
but we only provide
service to approximately
25 % of these. This is
where PROTEUS should
help us.”

Enhanced value creation

for the customer

"We need deep insight into 
what the shipowner’s needs 
are. Maybe we think we 
know the  right solution, 
but what does that help if 
the customer doesn’t 
want it? A common market 
analysis and understanding
is extremely important 
for this project.”

Business strategy

“The big difference 
is not to focus on 
service as another 
product, but to 
implement a new 
selling approach, 
which includes 
technical service as a 
part of the solutions. 
In other words, to sell 
the value we create 
for our customers’ 
businesses and not 
only talk about 
products, or hours 

More effective utilised


The whole after-sales 
department could 
be an independent 
business unit.”
22 AUGUST 2019